Horse of a Different Color

Horse of a Different Color


“It’s the only one of him, and he’s it! He’s the Horse of a Different Color, you’ve heard tell about.” - Cabby

The” Horse of a Different Color” was a horse who drew the carriage in the opening Emerald City scenes of the 1939 MGM film “The Wizard of Oz.” Upon finally reaching the Emerald City, and pleading at the giant green door to enter, Dorothy proves she was sent by the Good Witch Dorothy by showcasing her ruby slippers. The man at the door says, “Well bust my buttons! Why didn’t you say that in the first place? That’s a horse of a different color. Come on in!”

A horse of a different color metaphorically represents something that may be completely separate from what one originally expected… Fairly often, ‘a horse of a different color’ may refer to one person or item that does not fit in.

So pick up our color changing “Horse of a Different Color” pin for your Oz-Lovin’ pal, or add it to your own lapel and chant “We’re not in Kansas Anymore!” Pin turns “Emerald City Green” in cool conditions and “Yellow Brick Road” in warm conditions!

1.55" x 1.55"
Soft Enamel Pin that Changes Color!
Single Posted
Rubber Clasp

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