"Give Peace a Chance" — we're not being unreasonable. Just saying "give it a chance." With "Imagine" we're asking, "can you imagine a world without countries or religions?" It's the same message over and over. And it's positive." - John Lennon

Inspired by the iconic mosaic located in the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park and one of John Lennon's most beautiful songs, "Imagine!"  In memory of John, the mosaic was dedicated to him and reminds us of his faith in the power of imagination.  The song helps us envision a world without conflict or division and instead a world of peace and happiness.

I'm sure we all feel the same in wanting a better place.  I'm definitely not the only one, so share this with your favorite dreamer to remind yourself the world should be one!

1.25” x 1.25”
Soft Enamel Pin
Single Posted
Rubber Clasp

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