Legendary Ladies: Princess Leia

Legendary Ladies: Princess Leia


"She's like a very sophisticated, urbanized ruler, a Senator, so she's a politician, she's accomplished, she's graduated, got her PhD at nineteen and she rules people and is in charge.  I need an actress who could be young and play with a lot of authority.... and push these guys around."  - George Lucas

Inspired by the most epic space opera film series, Star Wars and the beautiful Princess Leia!  Princess Leia portrayed by Carrie Fisher, is considered to be one of the most amazing heroines in all of sci-fi.  She is tough, confident and inspirational to generations of women and children.

This 3D cameo style enamel pin is part of our Legendary Ladies series.  The Imperial Senate will not sit still for this!  Wear the Princess Leia pin on your diplomatic mission to Alderaan or in your rise to the leadership of the resistance.

1.5” H x 1.3” W
3D Enamel Pin
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